Friday, 23 May 2014

Ffynnon Gro ringing

During my ringing session this week I caught and ringed numerous young birds of different species.
There is some sort of satisfaction in the knowledge that many species like the Siskin in particular are breeding in my area.

The first juvenile, this robin was still in its full juvenile plumage and no feathers could be found in Pin. There is unfortunately a high mortality rate for youngsters in the first year . However those that survive can live quite a long time and the oldest recorded lifespan of a Robin is 8yrs 4 months and 30 days.

This juvenile siskin has the orange coloured Greater Coverts which are one of the indicators of its age. It is good to know that the long term trend of the Siskin is on the increase, probably due to the maturing of new conifer plantations and the increase trends in the use of garden feeders has helped.

Juvenile Blackbird, probably a male because of its black Retrices which unfortunately are cropped from this picture.

This my first Bullfinch to be caught and ringed in my garden. In fact it is only the second Bullfinch I have seen here in the last two years, the other being a female. This male was a bird from last year with two retained Outer Greater Coverts and had a CP, so another species hopefully breeding locally.

This female is the third Blackcap I have caught in the last two years the others being ringed last year. She had a BP3 and hopefully had/has a successful brood to fledging.
From the BTO Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) scheme in Wales it indicates that from 1994 to 2012 the trend is on the increase especially since about 2009 and its conservation status is green and is therefore of least conservation concern.

Around February this year I erected a lot of bird boxes and have had a reasonable success rate from Tits and Nuthatch. I was really hoping for some Pied Flycatchers which I have seen around, but none occupied any of my boxes. It would be fair to say though the Great Tit above out numbered the Blue Tits on box occupation. This one of course I caught in the net.

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