Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Out Cocking again

Last night I decided to have another go for the Woodcock at my site adjacent to Fygyn Common. I have ventured out on several occasions recently but on each time I have failed to catch, I have seen birds, but I could not get near enough to them before they flew away. On this occasion I increased the length of my net handle by another metre in the hope that this would get me just that bit nearer.

I had nearly finished the walk around the fields thinking another blank when I spotted this Woodcock. The problem with the long pole was the difficulty in holding it steady in the strong wind, especially when it started to gust and all control of the net was lost. I approached the bird from downwind and when I was at the right distance to drop the net I had to wait a while for a momentarily drop in the wind speed. This came, I dropped the net and I caught this juvenile bird.

After I processed the bird I took a couple of pictures in the hand and when I put it on the ground it just sat there for about a minute before deciding to fly away which allowed me to get the two reasonably good shots above. This is my third bird this season, two more than last year so I am going in the right direction.


  1. Nice photo's! I know what you mean about this gusty wind I missed 5 on the trot the other night, I have a metal poled 3 mtr net which helps a lot but stupidly I didn't take it that night.

  2. Hi Owen
    I have been following your Woodcock exploits on Ruffled Feathers. You have had some amazing catches. Unfortunately the numbers here in Carmarthenshire do not seem to be as good. My pole with the extra metre is now about 3 metres but is difficult to manage at that length in a wind with any strength. I am self learning about dazzling and have a lot more to learn and the only other bird I have caught are a couple of Meadow Pipits. I can't get near Snipe usually gone before I see them and like you have missed a few Woodcock as well
    The photo's I am better at, so thanks for liking them.