Sunday, 3 May 2015

A mix of migrants and local birds.

This blog is from some of the birds caught in the last couple of weeks in the garden. Conditions have been mixed with strong sunshine, overcast skies and mists. My site has been slightly sheltered from the windy conditions experienced from around the country. By far the best session was when it was overcast, the nets being less visible. The normal finches were conspicuous by their absence on one occasion and did not show in numbers on others.

One morning started off with a male and female Bullfinch. The male was an adult and the female a juvenile from last year. Since I started ringing in my garden in 2013 I have only caught 9 Bullfinch before these two. The total now is 7 males and 4 females

The Long Tailed Tit is another non regular bird with 3 being caught in 2014 and 2 in 2015 to date.

This female blackcap had a fat score of 6 and a couple of females caught earlier in the week had Brood Patches and the Males Cloacal Protuberance. A good sign they were probably breeding in the area.

My first Willow Warbler for the year. I have had another two since catching this one. My records show I have not caught any in previous years.

It is not often I catch Jay in my mist nets. They are usually caught in my Whoosh net coming down to bait I've placed in the trapping Zone. Anyway this is the second bird this year.

Finally this Chiffchaff with a Pollen Horn probably dropped in last night because of the bad weather. It is a sign that it has probably flown in from warmer climes where it has been probing into flower heads for insects and the pollen of the flower sticking to its feathers. It looks as if there maybe some damage to its super mandible. The bird seemed perfectly healthy and gave me no reason for concern.

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