Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Fygyn Common. Cocking last night.

Went out lamping last night for the first time this Autumn. The local farmer gave me permission to  lamp on his fields which are adjacent to the fence line of the common. I caught one Woodcock from two seen. I am hoping that sometime this winter I will also pick up one or two Golden Plover as well, having seen them during the day.

This bird was aged as an adult based on the four following criteria.

Adult alula has a pointed profile giving it a spear like appearance.
Juveniles have a rounded profile.

Adult primary coverts have a flat profile and a pale terminal band.
Juveniles have a more rounded profile with a terminal band the same colour as the rest of the feather.

Adult inner primaries show a flattened tip with a step between the inner and outer web.
Juvenile inner primaries have a rounded tip with no step between the inner and outer web.

Adult underwing secondary coverts have a broad flat tip and distinct barring.
Juvenile underwing coverts have a pointed tip and faint or irregular barring.

Based on the wing length of 203mm it was sexed as a male, range being 195-206. the female range is 185-202.

This was the first time I have lamped this field. A word of warning, walk raound the field in daylight first. There was one stage this evening where I lost my bearings for a while and it is a bit disconcerting to realise you are lost. Lesson learnt.

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