Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Fygyn Common, out Woodcocking again.

Last night was very windy and the rain had just stopped before I decided to go out after the Woodcock again to my new site Fygyn Common. Under foot was wet and squelchy which is not ideal because any bird can hear you coming before you get near enough to catch it. However, if you approach a bird from downwind there is still a chance to get near enough to slip the net on top of it without being heard and the bird flying off.

In recent months there has been only one occasion where I have dazzled two birds and missed them both. All other occasions there has been only one bird and last night was no exception. The only difference now is I think my technique is improving and I am definitely getting nearer to them and last night was successful again.

I did miss one bird last night which was a Fieldfare, satisfyingly I did get within inches of catching it. Nevertheless although disappointed not to catch it, a few months ago I would not have got anywhere near being close to it.

Last nights Woodcock was an adult with a wing length of 204mm and weight of 353.5gms a big bird.

After I had processed it I took couple of pictures in the hand and then placed it on the ground and like last time it just sat there for a good few minutes before flying off. This enabled me to take the extra pictures and the one above I particularly like.


  1. Really nice photographs! I was also out last night and it was tough with such wet ground and calm conditions. I saw 6 pairs, one group of 3 and a group of 4. Managed to catch 7 in the end.

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