Sunday 2 September 2018

Here at last .....almost

It is a while since I last posted. This year we have decided to go to the Khurkh Bird Ringing Station to the east of Mongolia.

We have arrived at Ulanbaatar airport Mongolia after the two long flight journeys. Tomorrow we have a 400km taxi drive to the ringing station.

They have a reputation of catching excellent birds, 113 species last year. Below is a link to their Facebook page which makes some interesting reading.

All being well if internet access allows there will be further blogs with pictures and stories of birds we have caught and processed.


  1. Hello, I hope everything is fine with your team despite weather. Countryside must be so nice and green compared to Ub ! Greet birds from me !

    1. Hi Celine
      We had a great adventure, some really smart birds, nice weather good company and the countryside was stunning. Are you the Celine I sat nest to on the plane.