Monday, 18 August 2014

Bird Ringing in the Varanger Fjord in the Arctic Circle Norway

I am off to Norway ringing tomorrow with friends for 2 weeks. We are staying at a place called Nesseby which is in the Varanger Fjord inside the Arctic Circle. This will be my first trip, but my friends have been before twice, and caught some amazing birds. The potential is huge in terms of species and numbers of birds caught. There is also a chance of catching some really rare birds like the Rustic Bunting below.

Rustic Bunting

Travelling to London Heathrow tomorrow and staying overnight for an early start on Wednesday. Heathrow to Oslo and then Oslo to Kirkenes arriving at 8.00pm. A drive then for about 1 1/2hrs to Nesseby.

Keep checking my blog for regular updates whilst I am there.

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