Monday, 25 August 2014

It's official, first for Finnmark

Today was bitterly cold at 4.00am and warmed slightly after a couple of showers. There was a marked difference in numbers caught on a cold day compared with the warmer morning when we first arrived. We still managed 210 birds which is an excellent result even though there were no new species. It was also nice to catch a few more waders, Little Stint and Dunlin. Our Dutch friends Petra and Frank arrived again mid morning with hot coffee and tea with biscuits which was very nice of them.

There are no new bird pictures today so I have dipped into the archives to show you some of those I have kept in reserve.

Caught on camera early this morning with bags of birds for processing from the marsh nets behind me.

Bluethroat have been caught in good numbers all week. This birds is a fine looking male.

This Arctic Hare was hanging around the ringing base today. By the time I picked up my camera it was almost in the hedge. In the winter of course during the snowy weather here they moult and the fur is pure white.

Yesterday we went to Vadso which is about 30km to the east of Nesseby. There is a nature reserve there which is an Island called Vadsoya. We spent about about 2 hours walking around and I managed to get this picture of a Ruff and the one below of Ruff and Dunlin flying together.

It was only a small flock but nevertheless really nice to watch as they turned in the air and showed of their flashy undersides as they turned.

Only minutes ago we have heard that this Barred Warbler is the first record in any form for the Finnmark region ........ YES !!!!!!!!!! ringed my me.

This map shows where the Arctic circle is relative to Nesseby which is 30km west of Vadso which can be found on the map in top right hand corner.

This map is FINNMARK. It borders Sweden, Finland and Russia, Click on the map: at the top RHS is Nesseby, next to Vadso. It is a huge area so I feel that this being the first bird to be seen or ringed in this area is brilliant.

Lets hope something more interesting happens again tomorrow.

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  1. Congrats Charles with the catch of this Barred warbler. I can imagine how you feel.

    I'm not a ringer myself but I like to read rings, especcialy in winter when the white fronted, barnacle and brentgeese come to Holland. In summer I read rings when possible, mostly waders.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,