Friday, 29 August 2014

Hoody Heartache saved by Merlin's Magic

This morning was milder, brighter and wind was coming from NNW which is better than from the east as in previous days. We were not disappointed and there was plenty of bird movement. We processed 115 Meadow Pipits being the best total since we arrived. The total birds for the day was 291, a good result.

The highlight of the day is this Merlin processed by Colin H and a lifer for him. This is the 5th bird since we have been coming to Norway. One was caught last year and three in 2012.

This Merlin was a juvenile male and the biometrics were 140gms weight, 200mm wing length, tail 120mm, tarsus 36.8mm and bill 11.23mm which puts it into the male category.

We also caught this Hooded Crow only to be horrified a few minutes later to discover we had not got a Norwegian ring size 4. Colin drove back to Kate's house to check the spare rings in the garage and still no ring. Alas we had to let it go.

This Siberian Tit is the second we have caught. It is a resident breeder throughout arctic and subarctic Scandinavia. It's size is slightly smaller than a Great Tit.

A few more waders again today 17 Dunlin, Lttle Stint and 9 Curlew Sandpiper. I haven't counted them but I am sure it is now in the region of 100 wading birds.

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